The above graphic shows the City of La Quinta's STVR distribution as reported by KESQ-3 on March 1, 2021 - As the City shows, by their own numbers, the City Council and the Mayor are ignoring the vast majority of their own voters for a small minority of STVR investment homes.  These 1,109 investment homes, most owned by out-of-town investors, are among local families and local registered voters, all who live here full time. 


Survey results, March 11, 2021 :  It was difficult to be accurate because people with Pro-STRV and ANTI-Recall sentiments were inclined to give multiple responses.  So we attempted to filter out multiple responses.  So in general, here are the filtered responses.

  • In favor of a City-Wide election to decide the future of STVR VS 28 day Rentals -  2:1 in favor of Election 

  • Recall The Mayor -  In favor of the recall

  • Recall Sanchez - In favor of the recall

  • Recall Others - Unclear by results

Who Contributes to These Politicians?:  Here is who is paying them -  Investors and California Real Estate:

*City Official Reported Contribution Receipts:       Contribution Receipts - La Quinta City Government

* Publicly reported amounts, source City of La Quinta

Who is buying your City Government?  One Source Listed:

the California Real Estate PAC  - CREPAC

Question:  Does it work this way?

 A Go Fund-Me Account >>pays>>The California Real Estate PAC >>pays>>Politicians?

Possible Solutions:

  • Recall officials who are ignoring their voter base.  We will begin to post examples and quotes here.  You be the judge.   We will back officials who back this position. 

  • Initiate a petition and referendum to limit single-home rentals in the City of La Quinta to a minimum of 28 days unless those homes are located in an area zoned as “commercial transient.”  Voters in neighbors will have the right to self-regulate their zoning between residential family and commercial transient.  Zoning cannot be changed from single-family residential to commercial transient without voter approval.  All HOAs will be included in the referendum.  The referendum will apply in the HOA unless the HOA is more restrictive, then the more stringent HOA Rules will apply there.

What are we asking for here?  simple...   DEMOCRACY and voter approval