Pro-STVR Board Recall Fails in RES-II   2:1

69% of Res-II Vote No - The Recall FAILED!


  • Nesa Targhibi - Rejected by Voters - next step, reject again next week

  • Ryan Smith, - Rejected by Voters - next step, reject again next week

Next Order of Business - Repeat the Vote for the Three Incumbents

Thank you to all of you who took the time to vote

and said NO to the Recall

of our hard working Board of Directors.


69% of the votes cast were NO to recall, which means

Mark Johnson, Terri Langhans and Lynn Reich will serve another year.


Let's repeat the message for the Incumbents running in the Annual Election.


There are three incumbents running for a 2-year term.

Distribute your 4 votes to them,

none to the two STVR candidates.


Please help! If you haven't mailed your ballot,

take a minute of your day

and cast your votes and mail that ballot.


The Annual Ballot Count is LESS THAN A WEEK away.

Please mail yours today!


  • Nancy Justis, Sherri Lusk and Barb Montavon have given 1000s of hours to our Res II community. These dedicated women have worked diligently to improve the quality of our neighborhood.


  • They live here. They volunteer here. They participate in all aspects of PGA West life. They are community.


  • Now it's our turn to thank them by filling in and mailing our ballots--not a moment to spare!


  • The Annual election ballot is due March 31. Spread your 4 votes among the three incumbents: Nancy Justis, Sherry Lusk and Barb Montavon.





Open Email from Don Shoffstall and a Question:

From: Don Shoffstall <>
Date: February 24, 2021 at 4:27:11 PM PST

By now all of us should have received the mailing from Res II with the Board of Directors recall and recall candidates.
As a reminder, this recall election was triggered by 32 of our 637 homeowners. All of the petitioners are involved as either owners, operators or realtors associated with short term rentals so it’s easy to determine their motivation.  
We urge you to vote NO  on the recall petition. Check the NO box.


As required by the HOA governing documents, in addition to voting NO, we must also vote for candidates. Each home gets 7 votes. These can be spread amongst the 5 candidates as you choose. We urge you to spread your 7 votes only among the 3 incumbent directors:

  • Mark Johnson

  • Terri Langhans

  • Lynn Reich

Our reasoning for this recommendation is simple. They live here. The STR proposed candidates do not. The STR candidates own homes here and all of them are rented to others. They view Res II as a location where they can have a business, not a home and a lifestyle as most of us do.  The information they provided in the mailing we received with their bios is misleading at best.  
Here are some facts;

Ryan Smith. He and his wife Sloane own 54795 Winged Foot. Sloane posted on Instagram when they bought it in 2020. Her words;​


Doesn’t sound like someone who is making their home in our community. Just someone who looks forward to making $.

What about Nesa Targhibi?
She is a lawyer. Notes on her solo practice website that she has offices in Orange, Ca and Riverside. Check out her Riverside “office”. It’s a mailbox in a UPS store. She also owns a home in Fountain Valley according to public records. Do you think she commutes from La Quinta to Orange or Fountain Valley? Her home on Interlachen is available for rent and as reported by her neighbors she rents it frequently. Does this sound like someone who “Luv’s La Quinta” as she notes on an email many of us received?

The 3 incumbents are your neighbors, friends and colleagues. They volunteer their time to make our community better. Read their accomplishments and let’s all support them.