Concerned Homeowners

Proposed PGA West HOA Rules



Regardless of the amendment vote results - the fact remains that ~ 200 short term rental homes will remain in operation within Fairways after its conclusion.    Consequently - this list represents the on-going and needed modernization of homeowners HOA rules for renting and HOA Board next steps.  We know our board sees the amendment as an important step in containing growth of STVR’s with Fairways.   We also acknowledge that the proposed amendment  “only addresses the aspect of untethered growth”.  


Therefore, we are proposing, to our board, who continues to work hard with us, these actions below:


  • All Renters must “WEB-self-register” with Master Security (info available to HOAs) on New Web registration tool (STRV Fee Funded) prior to renting.  This includes:

    • A Web registration form that includes a signed statement acknowledging all HOA rules.  Registration will include valid driver's license information of the primary renter and other guests' names and numbers of guests renting.

  • An “Acknowledgement Form” will be sent back to the renters to ensure that they have read and understand rules for behavior.

  • The rules would address noise, parking, trespassing (neighbor’s property, HOA community property and golf Course), golf course boundary, trash, golf cart usage, underage driving, etc., and list associated fines.

  • Broad, detailed, Security response performance metrics reported to the Masters and HOA, with Month-over-Month improvement plans (termination of contract metrics in place)

  • A Security Oversight Group of regular HOA Owner Volunteers, reporting primarily back to their HOA's and secondarily to the Masters Association (we can do this ourselves)

  • Non-HOA Sponsored Volunteers (i.e. self-appointed, normal citizen and concerned homeowners ) to self-organize supplement patrols and report observations

  • Build working liaison program with County Sheriff – staffed by the oversight group

  • Dedicated STRV Security Patrol, Thursday through Sunday, answering directly to the HOA, funded 100% by New STRV Permit Fees

    • NOTE: This position may even be contracted with a different vendor.  The key is that all they do is patrol STVR homes and monitor noise, parking, trespass, etc.  The citation process would be the same as Gates & Patrol.


Noise and Music:

  • All outside music and/or amplified sound, fixed or portable speakers, must be turned off by 10 PM

    • Exception – homeowners can apply for a Special Event Permit for two events per year.  This HOA application and approval, would extend the use of outside music/amplified sound to Midnight for each event (Weddings, etc.)

  • Two noise/disturbances within 28 days, and your rental registration is suspended for 90 days.  

  • Three noise/disturbances in any 12 months, and your registration is suspended for one year.

  • Rear-yard noise monitoring equipment required for all rentals with auto alerts to owners, rental management, gates, and patrols.  Max Noise level of (60 dB) at the property boundary. Proof of installation should be required before a registration permit is issued for 2022.



  • In the renter’s brochure, make sure the renters sign-off that they understand the white stakes of the golf course delimitates the "no-go zone" in the home’s backyard.

    • Trespassing on the golf course, beyond the white stakes, is a 90 suspension.

  • Renters trespassing on a neighbor's yard, pool, automobiles, golf carts, or other property should be a one-year suspension.


Maximum Occupancy: Restrict the quantity of advertised and used bedrooms to be "no more than" as the home was initially built (regardless of City of La Quinta Code Enforcement approval).  

  • Rental capacity limited to 2 people per as-built bedrooms.  Example:  An "as-built" 4 bedroom rental home could host eight overnight rental guests maximum.


Parking: Maximum overnight parking one car per as-built bedroom to a maximum of 5 cars.  No overnight guest parking on the street from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am."


ANY ADVERTISEMENT FOR RENT, website ad, paper, brochure, or other recorded advertisement for rent, that conflicts with the rules outlined here or below (especially occupancy) is an immediate, automatic 90 suspension + $XX,XXX fine.  


Any Rental Operating without City license or During HOA Suspension, $XX,XXX Fine, plus two-year suspension for the offending property


Government Volunteer Liaison Committee:

  • Liaison with Sheriff's department for Security (mentioned above)

  • Presentations to City Council Meeting – on the councils monthly scheduled agenda

  • Drive meetings with Mayor and Council

  • Form a Non-HOA sponsored PAC to drive referendums, elect Mayor and Council favorable to local majority citizen opinions.


Fines and Suspensions in General:  to be significantly raised in regards to both the minimum and maximum levels:

  • Noise / Disturbance

  • Excessive Vehicles 

  • Trespass on Golf Course Property

  • 16-hour violation (RV / Oversized Vehicles)

  • Underage Drivers

  • Advertising excess bedrooms/sleeping capacity

  • Renting without a City of La Quinta permit or a PGAW Registration 


 NOTE: Fines to align with other community HOAs for rental property.  For instance, Rancho La Quinta fines for these offenses are up to $15,000.